RITZ Instrument Transformers GmbH with its brand names WTW, MWB & TUR is an international industrial company and the leading European manufacturers.

The tradition and knowledge of the parent company “RITZ Messwandler Hamburg” and its subsidiaries “RITZ Messwandler Dresden (TuR)”, “Wandler- und Transformatorenwerk Wirges (WTW)” and “Messwandlerbau Bamberg (MWB)” have been merged under the new name of “RITZ Instrument Transformers GmbH”.


The international subsidiaries of RITZ in Austria (Marchtrenk), Hungary (Kecskemét), China (Shanghai) and USA (Hartwell) strengthen the company’s presence in the international markets and support the effort of working even more closely  with our customers in the different markets.

stromwandler   VZF.120